AI + Equity Education Series

The emergence of generative AI has captured the attention of people around the world; its potential impacts ripple throughout our economy and society. The buzz around AI has caused policymakers, advocates, and technologists to adapt their thinking about what’s possible—and how we can establish guardrails so this technology can enable human flourishing, rather than undermine it. TechEquity recently released the Guiding Policy Principles for Responsible AI to begin the conversation on how to approach this critical work.

To ensure responsible AI development and deployment, we believe that we must have a collective approach to establishing these guardrails. That’s why we’re launching the AI + Equity Education Series in Sacramento. Over the next few months, we’re bringing together experts, advocates, and policymakers to better understand how AI will impact all aspects of daily life, including housing, hiring, voting, and more.

Upcoming AI Events

AI + Healthcare – TBD

Join us for a lunchtime panel in the Eureka Room in the Sacramento Capitol Building

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