What’s on the Ballot: San Francisco – Recording

October 1, 2020

This November is one of the most important elections in decades. While most attention is glued to the presidential race, the measures and candidates in local and state races have the potential to drastically reshape our communities, amidst and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since there is truly so much on the ballot this year, we’re holding a plethora of election events to cover the most urgent statewide measures as well as the measures up for a vote in the Bay Area. Check out our other events in the TechEquity 2020 Election Series here.

On Thursday, October 1st at noon, our Director of Advocacy Megan Abell and Policy Manager Ian Eve Perry broke down what’s on the ballot for San Francisco. They gave an overview of each measure and shared our positions on those that relate to our issue areas of housing and workforce & labor.

This webinar was a part of the TechEquity 2020 Election Series and was hosted on Zoom.