Seek and Hide: Discussion with the Author – Recording

August 25, 2022

Should everyone have privacy in their personal lives? Can privacy exist in a public place? Is there a right to be left alone even in the United States?

Today privacy seems simultaneously under siege and surging. And that’s doubly dangerous, as legal expert Amy Gajda argues. Too little privacy leaves ordinary people vulnerable to those who deal in and publish soul-crushing secrets. Too much means the famous and infamous can cloak themselves in secrecy and dodge accountability. Seek and Hide carries us from the very start, when privacy concepts first entered American law and society, to now, with the worry that smartphones, webcams, basement publishers, and the forever internet had erased the right to privacy completely.

On Thursday, August 25th 12-1pm PT, we had a conversation with author Amy Gajda about her book and how we should approach privacy in the digital age. This was aconversation between Gajda and Samantha Gordon, Chief Programs Officer at TechEquity.


  • Webinar kicks off at 12:00 PM
  • Panel discussion begins at 12:05 PM
  • Q&A from attendees from 12:40-1:00 PM

About Amy Gajda

Amy Gajda, Tulane Law School’s Class of 1937 Professor of Law, is a journalist turned lawyer. She is recognized internationally for her expertise in privacy, media law, torts, and the law of higher education; her scholarship explores the tensions between social regulation and First Amendment values, particularly the shifting boundaries of press freedoms and rising public anxieties about the erosion of privacy.

This webinar was hosted on Zoom.