Can the California Legislature Fix our Housing Crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the urgency of fixing our housing crisis up to a fever pitch. With more than one-fifth of Californians out of work, unemployment benefits set to expire in the coming months, and a massive statewide deficit, we’re potentially facing mass evictions and stagnated housing production.

With the federal government taking a hands-off approach, it’s largely going to be up to the state government to get us out of this crisis. On Thursday, July 9th, we’re chatting with Matt Levin, housing & data reporter at CalMatters and co-host of the Gimme Shelter podcast, about the political action happening in Sacramento to address our housing crisis. We’ll also give an overview of the most promising housing bills up for a vote this year and how we plan on getting them passed.

The webinar will be hosted by Megan Abell, TechEquity’s Director of Advocacy, and Ian Eve Perry TechEquity’s Policy Manager.


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