Virtual Ignites: Innovation, Inspiration, and COVID-19

The pandemic has altered our daily lives, forcing us to adjust to a new normal. COVID-19 exacerbated many of the problems that already existed in our communities; housing instability, unfair working conditions for low-wage workers, unequal access to adequate healthcare. But the virus has also sparked a new sense of urgency to come together and build new solutions.

We’re bringing Ignite! talks back to share the stories, ideas, and responses to COVID-19 we’re seeing across the Bay. While we don’t know how long the uncertainty around COVID-19 will last, we know it’s more important than ever to support our communities. We want to hear from people across the Bay, no idea is off the table. Share inspiring stories of organizing and giving, host a training, propose a new policy solution, pitch an innovative solution, etc.

Submit Your Idea!

Our call for speakers will remain open until May 1st. If your talk is selected, we’ll notify you the week of May 4th.

What is an Ignite! talk?

If you’re not familiar, an ignite talk is a timed presentation consisting of 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, resulting in a fast-paced 5-minute presentation. Think powerpoint karaoke but you set the narrative. These talks are meant to be fun, engaging, and enlightening. Here’s an ignite talk about how and why to give an ignite talk.

Why should I do this?

Because it’s fun! And it’s about building community. Everyone has a story to tell and we know you have ideas to share on how to make our economy and communities more equitable and inclusive…and we want to hear them!

Submit Your Idea

Ignites is hosted on Zoom; register for free to get access to the link. We can’t wait to see you in there!