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Thank you for sharing your story with us

Thanks for taking the first step to shine light on contract and temp working conditions. If you’d like to participate in a paid, confidential interview, please sign up here: Schedule a 30min interview Schedule a 1hr interview This… Read More

To the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: What you need to know about algorithmic tenant screening

Ms. Jones* was seeking to rent an apartment for herself and her three children using her housing choice voucher. On paper, she was an attractive tenant for many landlords: she had a credit score of 629, was employed, did not have any criminal history, and did not have any adverse… Read More

Why we need good housing data

A Meeting of the (Housing Data) Minds We believe that data and technology—when developed and implemented with community needs at the center—can be powerful tools to ensure effective implementation of housing policy and help make housing a human right in California. That’s why we launched the Housing Data Initiative… Read More

Daniel Geller

Daniel Geller is the Research Manager for the Housing Program at TechEquity. Prior to joining TechEquity Collaborative, Daniel worked for various public interest legal clinics, focused on First Amendment, environmental, and veterans law respectively. In these roles, Daniel was fortunate to assist the New York Times in procuring coronavirus case… Read More

To the White House: Our response on automated worker surveillance and management

“When you were denied pay for your submitted work product, would the system say you were denied 1 of the submissions out of the hundreds you sent in? Or all of them?” “It will be that all 500 “weren’t submitted” so approximately a full 50… Read More

Rosita Vivanco

Rosita Vivanco is the Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer at TechEquity. With over fifteen years of experience, Rosita has used her skills as a communications expert and storyteller to shine a light on important narratives across the nonprofit and tech space. She’s an experienced leader with a passion for team… Read More