Pay Transparency is Law in CA!

Governor Newsom recently signed SB 1162 into law, expanding pay transparency to millions of workers in California, including contract workers. This means that most California employers are now required to post a salary range on all job postings and report pay data for both full-time employees and contract workers to the state, laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding of our gender and racial pay gaps.

HUGE thanks to Senator Monique Limón for championing the bill and fiercely fighting alongside workers’ rights advocates who took a stand against racial and economic inequity. And big thanks to our co-sponsors California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, California Employment Lawyers Association, Equal Rights Advocates and National Employment Law Project for all their hard work! And last but not least, thank YOU for taking this journey with us. Every donation, every name, every call you made brought us closer to pay equity in California.

Learn more about the gender and racial pay gaps here: